RailStop RS S06

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  • - Sản phẩm của hãng Bornack, Đức
  • - maximum of 6.0 kN in all operational situations
  • - for user weights of up to 140 kg per person
  • - breaking strength 15kN
  • - EN 353-1:2014+A1:2017

Gọi ngay: 090.3739.488



The RS S06 is a further development of the predecessor RS S05. As before, two redundant pawls prevent a fall from slipping off the ladder or from a horizontal pull right from the start. Two separate tie-in points on the safety harness at hip height and chest height also enable ergonomically perfect climbing support via the pelvic padding of the harness.

This reduces the risk of an accident due to physical overload. In the event of a fall, a life-threatening tipping over of the upper body is prevented. After the fall, the body remains stuck in a supported position.

The additional energy absorber is new. This limits the fall forces, which remain limited to a maximum of 6.0 kN in all operational situations – and that for user weights of up to 140 kg per person.

In addition, the device was equipped with a new release mechanism. Made of stainless steel, an overload solution between the carabiner and the fall arrester relieves the textile loop of the energy absorber.

This further development ensures a longer service life and more safety. In addition to these innovations, the product impresses with its tried and tested ergonomic properties and double-stop technology

Fall Arrester Parts:

  • Aluminium casing.
  • Separate pawls to protect against falls and
    -Pawl A ‘Climb’ made of stainless steel with a polyamide tape energy absorber and an aluminium karabiner with a Twistlock-Plus fastener and swivel.
    -Pawl B ‘Horizontal pull’ made of stainless steel with textile connecting loop and karabiner with an aluminium Twistlock-Plus fastener.
  • Maintenance-free bearings, rollers and joints.


Technical Support: 0768.49.49.49

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