S-cap Escape Hood

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  • - Sản phẩm của hãng MSA, USA
  • - P/N 10081637
  • - EN 403 Duration: 15 Minutes
  • - Markets: Utilities, Oil & Gas, Construction, Fire Service, General Industry
  • - Applications: Search & Rescue

Gọi ngay: 0903739488

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This highly visible, one-size-fits-all yellow hood offers protection against smoke and gas from fires, especially carbon monoxide. The easy-to-use unit dons quickly and features a nose cup for a wide variety of head and face sizes, while the cotton neck seal ensures a tight fit. The high-performance filter offers thorough protection, while the wide lens provides an increased field of vision and the low breathing resistance reduces claustrophobia.


  • Easy-to-adjust hood is designed to protect from heat, smoke and gases (especially carbon monoxide) during fires
  • Wide lens offers increased field of vision
  • Low breathing resistance reduces likelihood of claustrophobia


Technical Support: 0768.49.49.49

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0.900 KG


135.000 mm


One size fits all

EN 403 Duration

15 Minutes

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